Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime. Most dental treatments focus on maintaining good oral health and avoiding tooth loss. However, in some cases, removing the tooth may be the only way to avoid further problems. Dentists and oral surgeons may recommend extraction for a variety of reasons.

Tooth Extraction Benefits in El Paso, TX.

The answer may be that a painful wisdom tooth or a severely decaying tooth is to blame. A dentist may extract a tooth in some situations to make room for dental prostheses or braces. Southwest Celebrity Smiles is the best place to go if you’re looking for the greatest tooth extraction service in El Paso, TX.

Benefits of tooth extraction in El Paso, TX

Although it may come as a shock, there are advantages to our dentist’s recommendation of tooth extraction. This invasive dental procedure is typically only advised when all other options have failed; however, East El Paso patients who undergo the treatment will enjoy benefits. This article will explain those advantages.

Improved oral health and smile

Did you know that tooth extractions can provide restorative and aesthetic benefits? It’s true! Dentists often prescribe removing one or more teeth to minimize crowding. This allows the remaining teeth to adapt as necessary, resulting in a more aesthetically attractive smile.

In some cases, dentists would also suggest removing the tooth even if there’s no problem with it. Some patients’ teeth are crooked because of crowding. Naturally, removing a tooth, such as a molar extraction, is required so that the remaining teeth may assume their proper positions. This provides a better-looking smile. 

Save your teeth and your pocketbook

If you don’t take care of one infected tooth, the infection can easily spread to the surrounding teeth and gums. This usually leads to more difficult (and costly) procedures down the line. So, tooth extraction may remove a single damaged tooth but it also protects all your other healthy teeth!

Tooth extraction may not only help your oral health, but it may also preserve the rest of your teeth. Because so many dental problems can influence surrounding teeth, removing a problematic tooth can ensure that none of your teeth are bystanders to the problem. This not only improves your oral health but also saves you time and money.

Relief from pain

Patients frequently come to the dentist with a toothache complaint. The causes are typically clear, such as trapped objects or cavities. These minor problems can be readily resolved. However, there are other underlying factors that cause discomfort. In most situations, you may have developed an infection in your mouth that has already spread to the tooth roots. If left untreated, it will keep causing pain to the patient indefinitely. Removing a tooth is the only way to alleviate pain if the severity of the dental problem is significant.

You Can Feel Good About Your Smile

Another benefit of extractions is that they can promote healing. This might appear to be a contradiction in terms, but if you consider the possibilities provided by tooth replacements, you’ll realize why an extraction may be beneficial. This helps to promote oral health especially after a new tooth has been inserted into its place.

With a dental implant placed in the jawbone and a custom-made crown, bridge, or denture attached to it, you can be happy with how you look and how your teeth function. There is no more discomfort or anxiety that your damaged tooth will cause issues for the rest of your smile.

Tooth extraction does not have to leave you with an incomplete, unhealthy, and unattractive smile. You can undergo a procedure that eliminates pain, saves your existing teeth, and allows you to regain confidence in your appearance and future oral and overall health.

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