Dental Savings Plan in El Paso – An Alternative to Dental Insurance

Dental savings plans, sometimes known as “dental discount plans,” are a cost-effective and versatile alternative to regular dental insurance.

This plan is not dental insurance and there are no deductibles to meet and no copays for office visits. With this plan, you can receive discounts on preventative, basic, and major services as a member.

Dental Savings Plan in El Paso, TX - We've got you covered!
Dental Savings Plan & CareCredit – An Alternative to dental insurance in El Paso, TX

You may use as many services as you want each year. You pay for any dental work out of pocket but at a reduced member rate. If you need a lot of dental work and your yearly insurance coverage does not cover it, this is an excellent alternative.

No Dental Insurance? No Problem!

Gone are the days when you would have to forgo your dental checkups and cleanings because of the expense. Your oral health is a significant aspect of your overall health and should not be neglected or taken lightly, especially if the problem stems from money issues.

This Is Not An Insurance Policy!

There’s no ceiling on how much you may save, and there are no deductibles to speak of, so your savings can go on indefinitely. There are no catch or hidden costs. On the date of service, you will be given a treatment plan with the entire cost, any modification to your Savings Plan due to your needs, and the amount that will be due. You’ll see how much you’re saving on your first visit!

What is a dental discount program and how does it work?

Annual fee-based membership plans will assist you in saving money on dental expenses, depending on your oral health requirements and those of your family. The following is how our dental savings plan will work:

  • Dental discounts can differ in terms of pricing and the types of discounted dental operations available. There are also programs that cover individuals vs. families.
  • You may begin scheduling dental treatment once you’ve enrolled in a discounted program. There is no waiting period involved.
  • Our program offers you a network of dentists to choose from in the El Paso, TX region.
  • Each service you get is discounted, depending on the program you bought. For example, you may pay a portion of the cost for your oral exams, teeth cleanings, regular X-rays, each cavity filling, and so on.
  • At the conclusion of the year, the plan expires.

Ask Us About Our Dental Savings Plan!

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