Do you take your teeth or oral health for granted? You may not think of teeth or dentistry as being very interesting, but there are some facts you might find surprising. Here are 5 interesting dental facts to help you look at oral health in a new light.

1. Your Teeth & Tongue are Unique

Your teeth & tongue are truly unique. Each person’s set of teeth is as different as fingerprints. The same goes for a person’s tongue, no two people have the same tongue print. Apparently, everyone really is a special snowflake!

2. Your Teeth are Very Hard

Your teeth are very hard, in fact, teeth are the hardest substance in the human body. Tooth enamel is composed of hydroxyapatite, a mineral form of calcium phosphate.  Reportedly teeth are even stronger than steel, only more brittle. So try not to use them as a tool to open bottles or pry packages open to avoid unnecessary breaks or chips.

3. You Can Save a Knocked Out Tooth

Did you know that a knocked-out tooth will start to die after only 15 minutes? You can save a knocked-out tooth however by putting it in a glass of milk and promptly rushing over to your dentist. You can also put the tooth back into the socket, bite down gently on a paper towel, and then rush over to our dental office here at 7878 Gateway East Blvd. Suite 101 in El Paso, TX.

4. Left or Right Handed?

Somehow, whether you’re right-handed or left-handed corresponds directly to how you chew. So, if you’re right-handed you chew on the left side of your teeth and if you’re left-handed you will chew on the left side of your teeth. Just remember to switch it up to avoid any jaw joint problems such as TMJ.

5. Flossing Counts

Flossing daily has been found to increase life expectancy by up to 6 years. Not flossing allows for plaque and tartar build up which destroys oral health. Periodontal disease has been known to be associated with heart disease, HPV infections, mouth cancer, diabetes, and kidney failure. So make sure to floss daily if you want to live past 100.

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