Celebrity Smiles is proud to welcome our newest member of the team, Rick Yruegas the hygienist! Rick has had a huge patient fan base in El Paso for the past 15 years and has been an outstanding hygienist who comes highly recommended by many people in the area. 

Rick the Hygienist in El Paso, TX.

Born and raised in El Paso, TX, Rick finished schooling to be a Dental Hygienist at Amarillo College. He’s a veteran with 8 years in US Marine Core and 2 years in the US Navy, as well as 10 years as a law enforcement agent with the El Paso Sheriff’s Office. Rick’s hobbies include cooking, grilling, equestrian sports, and raising kids! He’s also devoted to his faith and involved with his church.

Rick has been a fixture in the El Paso dental scene since 2006 and has accumulated a lot of faithful patients in his time as a dental hygienist. His work is top quality and has a very positive and professional demeanor. Come in and find out why Rick is the best Hygienist in El Paso!

Schedule an exam and dental cleaning today with Rick the Hygienist by calling us at 915.595.3333, or visiting our Contact page to send us a message. We can answer any questions you have about dental procedures and treatments. We can’t wait to see you smile brightly!

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