Dental services & procedures available from Celebrity Smiles.

Emergency Dentist

Eliminate impurities, reduce blemishes and nourish dull and lackluster skin with a natural blended berry peel.

Teeth Cleaning

Remove unwanted hair with a delicate body wax targeting the exact areas you’d like to smoothen out.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our serine saline lap pool is bathed in natural light – a beautiful place to disconnect and swim laps if you’d like.

Teeth Whitening

Our highly trained and experienced professionals know what they’re doing when it comes manicures & pedicures.

Tooth Extraction

Revitalize your body from the group up with our invigorating leg and foot treatment that revives those tired dogs.

Dental Implants

Treat yourself to a reflexology massage with hot stones, which enhance the circulation process and eases joints.

Treat yo self, you deserve it