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As a comprehensive dental care provider, our dentist also provides root canal therapy to El Paso and the surrounding communities.  Our dentists have a high level of training and experience which makes endodontic therapy a much more streamlined, fast, safe, and enjoyable experience for each patient.

Most endodontic procedures are done by general dentists.  Even so, many dentists are hesitant to tackle this procedure. At Celebrity Smiles we have both a Dentist and an Endodontist.

Less than three percent of dentists are specially trained endodontists, which have completed an additional two or more years of training after dental school. They are experts at diagnosing tooth pain.  Endodontists can often save your tooth with a root canal or other treatments involving the interior pulp of the tooth.

Root Canals El Paso, TX

Root canal therapy is usually needed when the nerve of a tooth is decaying or infected. In order to save your tooth, our dentist must remove the dental pulp, nerves, bacteria, and any decay from the tooth. He then has to fill the empty space with specially medicated dental materials, which restore the tooth to its full strength and function.

​​​Root canal treatment can take one to two office visits, depending on the presence of infection and the required treatment plan. After the root canal, the tooth continues to function like any other tooth. With good oral hygiene recommended by the doctor, the restored tooth has the potential to last a lifetime.

Is A Root Canal Painful?

Most people believe root canals are very painful, when in fact root canals relieve pain. The pain that is felt is from the pressure of the infection inside the tooth. The area of the tooth is numbed by a local anesthesia and you will not feel a thing. It’s important to remember that it is being carried out by a professional dental surgeon.


Root canal treatment costs vary, but it is a less costly option than having a tooth removed and replaced with a crown, bridge, or dental implantTooth extraction and the cost of an implant or bridge to replace the tooth afterward would be more expensive than a root canal. Extraction can also lead to malocclusion, misaligned teeth, jaw bone recession, and difficulty chewing.

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