Sign Up For Our Dental Savings Plan Program!

Comprehensive Exams

The Dental Savings Plan membership program includes your comprehensive exams for the year.

Semi-Annual Cleanings

Your membership will include your two annual cleanings that should take place every six months.

Save 25% On All Treatment

All treatment plans will be charged at a 25% discount when you are part of the Dental Savings Plan membership program.


No Dental Insurance? No Problem!

Gone are the days where you will have to skip out on your dental exams and cleanings.  Your oral health is an important part of your overall health and is not something to be ignored or taken lightly, especially if the issue comes because of financial situations.

This Is Not An Insurance Policy!

There is neither a maximum nor a deductible—making your savings virtually limitless.  There is no catch or hidden fees.  You will be given a treatment plan displaying the total cost, the adjustment given to you in regards of the Savings plan, and the amount that will be due on the date of service. You will see how much you are saving from the first appointment!


Affordable Dental Care for the Whole Family!

You can sign up for an individual plan for yourself, a couple’s plan for you and your spouse, or a family plan which would include two adults and every legal dependent (children up the age of 26) living in the household.

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Have more questions?  Interested in signing up?  Get in touch with us!  We are eager to help you, your family, and the El Paso community smile bright!

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