Affordable Dentures

Dentures are a removable replacement for missing teeth. Advancements in dental technology have given us different types of dentures, full and partial. Full dentures are necessary when all of the natural teeth have been removed due to decay or trauma. Partial dentures are attached to your natural teeth and fill in the gaps where teeth have been removed.

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Dentures in El Paso, TX

Full Dentures
Full dentures use dental implants and are anchored firmly to the jawbone. These dentures are stable and have a 97% success rate. Dental implant dentures help maintain bone volume and your natural facial structure for a younger, healthier look.

Partial Dentures
This option is possible if you have remaining teeth, and the two types are removable and fixed. Partial dentures are attached to permanent teeth that surround the gap left by a missing tooth or teeth, or dental implants. They are made of composite materials and porcelain that are naturally colored to match your existing teeth. Partial dentures can also be cemented to crowns that are placed on the existing teeth on either side of the gap. The removable partial denture has internal clasps that can attach to clasps placed on the crowns. This option stabilizes the surrounding teeth and keeps your bite from shifting due to missing teeth.

The price of dentures varies according to the number of many teeth that are missing, the amount of decay or bone loss that has occurred, and whether you choose to get dental implants. Our staff here at Celebrity Smiles will work with you to find an affordable option that is right for you.

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